Disability in Horror Short Film Screenings #DiHM

Throughout Disability in Horror Month, we have been celebrating the achievements of disabled horror filmmakers and creators. And we will have the opportunity to showcase some stand out short film projects to Glasgow horror fans at our upcoming film night.

Alongside the main feature Redcon-1, a curated selection of short films will also be screening at the event on the 28 June. Here’s a preview of a few of the shorts that will be included in the program.


7-year-old June Kauffman is attracted by a pair of red children’s shoes in a cemetery. The shoes lead her to an old crypt where she faces her worst fears. 

This spooky tale was created Belgian film director and screenwriter Ray Kermani. Ray wanted to promote greater diversity in horror films, and cast young actress Romy Heere, who has Downs Syndrome.



A group of people with disabilities returns to town after a week in the field , but they do not suspect that everything has changed.

A story about disability, improvement and zombies.

The short film is a gritty zombie survival story from director Daniel Hernández Torrado. 


A robber’s plan quickly goes awry when the store he has marked turns out to be full of disabled people.

This darkly funny film by director Cameron S. Mitchell shows disabled people fighting back against discrimination – with grisly consequences! All of the disabled characters are portrayed by people with disabilities, and Cameron worked closely with his cast to ensure authentic representation. 


A man struggles to find help from neighbours, who do not understand his disabilities, when he discovers something sinister in his home. As he becomes more desperate, he must attempt to communicate what is happening in the house. 

This film from Iran is directed by  Javad Daraei and screened at Glasgow Horror Fest in 2017. We’re giving horror fans a second chance to catch this raw and emotional horror short.