Did You Know That The UK Built the First Ghost Train, and it’s Still Operating

I’m sure at some point you’ve ridden a ghost train ride. Whether the spectacle of Disney Haunted Mansions or the local carnivals affair, these dark rides have been an amusement park staple for over 80 years. But did you know that the first such ride not only originated in the UK, but is still running to this day?

Prior to the ghost train, the world was being introduced to Pretzel Dark Rides. Named for their curled, curving track layout, from the 19th century these rides took the form of simulated scenic railway or boat journeys. That changed when Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England purchased a pretzel ride.

When it was constructed in the amusement park, designer Joseph Emberton decided to theme the ride with ghosts and ghouls, and named it The Ghost Train after a popular play.

The ride was a hit, and terrified riders when it opened in 1930. And while certain elements are notably deteriorating, it still offers nostalgic scares to this day. It is even said to be the favourite haunt of real ghost ‘Cloggy’.

Built on two floors this creepy ride takes visitors through Dracula’s den and into the bowels of the building displaying gruesome ghosts and ghastly goings on.

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