Details About Popcorn Horror’s Upcoming Magazine Launch


As we’ve been alluding to on our social media, Popcorn Horror is set to launch the first issue of our digital magazine on the 10th June 2016. The magazine will bring horror fans exclusive content from the independent horror scene, including interviews, features and articles on the best of indie horror.

Magazines have been a staple of the horror fan-base for many years, and we believe this doesn’t need to change as technology progresses. We want to offer a truly independent horror publication, available to horror fans all over the world.

The first issue will be offered using a ‘Pay What You Want’ system, giving readers the opportunity to check out the content without making an investment. There’s even the option to pay nothing for the magazine using this system, and tell all of your horror obsessed friends and family about the fantastic horror content you got for free!


So, you’re probably wondering what the magazine is actually going to include. We’ve got many exciting features lined up for the first issue, including;

  • Exclusive Interview with horror/scamp rock band Fable Cry
  • Exclusive feature and interview with the creators of Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary
  • Fiction from respected horror author Ian Phillips
  • Tips and Secrets from a horror director who achieved $50,000 crowdfunding for his slasher flick
  • Feature and images from Sculptivated, an artist who creates amazing horror themed plants!
  • Impartial horror podcast reviews
  • Much more…!

The magazine will be available through from the 10th June.

We have advertising space available in the magazine. Please drop an email to for information.

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