Designing for Fright – The Best Creative Resources for Halloween

With everything that’s happened in 2020, it’s almost hard to believe that Halloween is only a few months away. While some horror fans will see their usual Halloween activities postponed due to the need for social distancing, many will be looking for replacement ways to celebrate. Halloween themed board games, horror movie subscription services and at-home party decor are all on the rise for October of this year. As many of us begin to consider hosting smaller and more intimate events for this October 31st, you may quickly find the cost of high quality decor, invitations or posters quickly mounting. Having these items personally designed can be very expensive, and DIY designing and crafting decor from scratch can feel intimating to inexperienced crafters.

Luckily there are resources for horror lovers to explore that allow them to create incredible artwork and Halloween decor. When Popcorn Horror produces posters, social images and tickets for Halloween events, we often use assets such as graphics, backgrounds and templates. By utilising these resources, we are able to create most of our graphics in house, and have complete control over the finished image. We can find illustrations and images that fit perfectly with the aesthetics of our events, and create custom designs for promoting ticket sales.

Let’s take a look at some fantastic resources to check out when planning for Halloween 2020.

Halloween Backgrounds are a key element of your design to consider. A dynamic background image can set the tone for the your Halloween event, and help the informational text to stand out. Whether you’re looking for rustic pumpkins, glittery ghosts or cute monster characters for kids, there will be a background bundle to suit your needs. Play around with different options to find a background that fits well with the type of event you are hosting. You might choose bright and bold colors for a children’s party, or more muted tones for a haunt or interactive event aimed at adult horror lovers.

Don’t forget to explore background options that aren’t specifically Halloween themed. There are a wide range of background illustrations and graphics that can suit Halloween designs extremely well. Background patterns with galactic imagery could be ideal for a scifi-horror or ‘Alien’ themed event, while distressed and vintage paper could be best for an old fashioned murder mystery dinner. Abstract and geometric images would look fantastic for a giallo inspired invitation, and old wood or windows might be worth considering for a haunted house.

Social Media Posts are vital for letting people know about your Halloween plans and reaching out to attendees. If you are not an experienced designer but would like some custom images to promote your event on social media, you might want to consider using a pre-made template and modifying it to suit your particular event. There are many template resources available for this purpose featuring high quality illustrations, fonts and layouts which can be edited and customised. Many template bundles offer a range of size images for use on different social media and event platforms. For example, you will want to make sure that your event banner, advertising imagery and digital invitations are all appropriately sized. Ensuring you use the correct sizes for social images means that your creations will not be distorted or cut off important information. This handy guide by Falcon lists all of the latest recommended sizes for social media platform images.

Crafting Halloween Party Items & Decor can be an ideal way to save on the cost of buying these items directly from stores. In addition, you are almost guaranteed that none of your friends will be using the same designs, unlike mass produced products. And with us all spending more time at home, there’s never been a better time to test out your craft skills.

If you are new to handicrafts, you would be in a better position by starting out with a template or crafting resources. There are options available to modify tableware, fabrics, clothing and more with seasonal spooky designs. You could try out print transfers to create Halloween table runners and napkins for a banquet centrepiece. Printable masks can offer young children a fun, structured activity to focus on prior to heading into the neighborhood to Trick or Treat. And worn looking labels with horrifying ingredients can turn drinks into decorations that evoke a witchy feel.

As environmental concerns are now forefront in many of our minds, you might have considered the enormous amount of waste Halloween events produce. Store products can come wrapped in several types of plastic, and many decor items which are made from plastics and paper will be disposed of on November the 1st. To avoid a huge pile of rubbish, consider investing in making some Halloween items that can be used for many years. Cross stitch designs and spooky cushions can be enjoyed every October and passed down through the generations.

We hope this guide has been helpful for planning Halloween 2020. Let us know what design resources you found most valuable, and share your incredible creations with us!

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