Adeena Grubb, is a 23 year old Motion Graphics Student studying at Ravensbourne. She taught myself how to make her signature zombie bears and is constantly experimenting with new techniques and ideas so the bears are constantly improving. The idea came to her when she wanted to make my boyfriend a gift for Valentines day. Although most people give each other teddy bears and flowers, she wanted to create something more horrific. She got him a bear with the idea to turn it into a dead bear eating its own guts! He loved the idea, and deddybears were born.


The time it takes to create the bears varies. Adeena told us the the smaller ones take a few hours and the bigger ones can a few days take days. She is a perfectionist so spends a lot of time putting detail into the bears and experimenting with various techniques. Each bear has five layers of paint, and she generally makes two at a time to allow for the paint to dry. She told us she’s had an amzing reaction to her creations, though they’re not to everyone’s taste. She describes the bears as  “a unique combination of glitter, gems, flowers and blood & guts!”


Adeena’s mission is to zombify as many cute, fluffy things as possible. She has even come up with a backstory as to how the bears became legions of the unded. “Once upon a time in a forgotten, faraway kingdom in the deep, dark, enchanted woods, where nobody dared to go, Lived the DeddyBears. Once sweet toy bears owned by the young lords and ladies of the kingdom, they were left behind as a plague broke out in the kingdom and the townsfolk fled. The bears ran to hide in the woods thinking it would be safe… Big mistake!They come out of the woods sometimes but they have been mauled and savaged by the horrific creatures in the woods… Yet somehow still live!”


For more information about Deddybears, visit Adeena’s Facebook page.