Ded Sullivan Show in NY offers 20% Off to Popcorn Horror Fans

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America’s most beloved television host is back and doing what he does best, live and without a pulse! From EndTimes Productions, the folks responsible for New York’s anti-holiday bacchanalia NAKED HOLIDAYS, it’s THE DED SULLIVAN SHOW! This time he’s stiffer, more decayed, and he’s reinventing himself by adding a “D” to the beginning of his name (these sorts of things tend to happen postmortem). The man who responsible for bringing so many popular acts into our collective consciousness now brings entertainers from beyond the grave, beyond our solar system, and beyond human decency in this delightfully mortifying evening of music, dance, sketch, and blood. So much blood. And it’s all in color!

Ded Sullivan (Mike Wirsch) hosts the evening as only he can, by serving as an MC for otherworldly entertainment, including:

The Lobotomy Puppeteer: Free will is subjugated in a way any dedicated dance mom ought to appreciate.

The Alien Surfer Babes: Music from out of this world, but in this world. They are total babes, especially if you’re tired of humans, and you dig blue skin.

The Skin Burlesque: Perhaps there is such a thing as going “too far” during a strip-tease (pro tip: stop at the dermis).

Savage Hot Babe Massacre: This marks the return of the EndTimes’ horror-comedy audience favorite. There are Babes. They are massacred. Rain ponchos are supplied for the bloodbath.

Samara Sings: The creepy girl from The Ring is out of the television and strumming ukulele onstage! After all, murder-by-VHS isn’t her only talent.

Zombie Jamboree: The island beat of calypso music is performed by a zombie horde, the way it was meant to be heard.

The Venus Flytrap: A man goes down… and he stays down.

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The evening is full of surprises, laughs, and enough blood to drown Nosferatu after an extended fast. Superb orchestrations performed by the talented band complete this wonderfully bizarre take on 1960s variety television.

THE DEAD SULLIVAN SHOW runs June 27 – August 1, Sat. at 7PM. Times Scare is located at 669 8th Avenue (at 42nd Street).

The folks at EndTimes Productions are offering 20% off tickets for Popcorn Horror fans. Use Promo CODE: Phorror for 20% off tickets here, or 212-352-3101.