Deadzone (2018)

2018 is set to be a thriving year for indie horror especially when it comes to Zombie/infected indie films so get yourselves excited fiends for a new flick is about to come at you from acclaimed director Leroy Kincaide with new horror short Deadzone! I was lucky enough to have the chance to preview the upcoming zombie flick and I have to say, Fiends, it looks fucking awesome!

A powerful trailer for Deadzone has reached us here at the Popcorn Horrorheadquarterss and we are all feverish to witness the undead reigning zombiefied chaos down upon the United Kingdom! With Deadzone already proving itself a worthy rival for Frank Darabonts’ The Walking Dead, Deadzone is set to be a rotting concoction of early Resident Evil Games and the 28 Days Later franchise! Now that is something to be excited about!

Deadzone has already been selected for the London Independent Film Festival which screened on April 14t,h 2018 and is the product of Nocturnal Pictures a production company founded by Kincaide and his producing partner Chloe Chudasama. With Deadzone completing production on a meager $400 this zombie action flick is set to haunt the mind long after the credits have rolled. Deadzone is set for release October 2018 after its run around the festival circuit along with the potential for it being made into a web series! We can only hope here at Popcorn Horror that we get to see more from Deadzone after its initial release!

So gear up horror fiends and stay tuned for more information regarding Leroy Kincaides Deadzone!

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