Dead Pixel Slash/Up

Yesterday we screened Jason Voorhees vs. Sarah Connor as part of our It’s Alive online film festival. The team behind the film are Dead Pixel,  a small group of aspiring indie filmmakers based out of South Florida. They describe themselves as “a group of friends that grew up in 80’s, when Nintendo ruled the world, action flicks were still rated “R”, and Saturday morning cartoons were a religion. “


Their new series, Slash/Up pits pop culture and movie icons against each other. Episode one (Sarah Connor vs. Jason Voorhees) finds Connor (of Terminator) experiencing some unfortunate car trouble just outside of Camp Crystal Lake, killing grounds of the legendary slasher, Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th). You can check out some behind the scenes information below.

The team are currently crowdfunding to launch their next planned episode, Freddy Krueger vs. Neo. On their Kickstarter page, the team describe the project.

“SLASH/UP is a new, unique, movie mash-up web-series (say that five times fast) from the creators of the Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness fanfilm. Each episode will be a one-off, pitting a different set of retro movie/geek culture icons against each other in a fun, violent, story-driven crossover, sandwiched by trivia and debate from our geek experts.

First and foremost, SLASH/UP is a web-series BY geeks, FOR geeks. It’s a wacky idea that screams to have a home on the internet, where so many other cool, wacky ideas started. Our initial concept was simple– create a free-to-watch “VS” mash-up series geared towards movie lovers likes us that was equal parts entertaining and educational”


To support the team, head over to their Kickstarter or check out their YouTube channel.