Darkness Comes – Saw Meets Rosemary’s Baby

BAFTA award-winning filmmaker David Newbigging, writer/producer Gordon McLean, and Tartan Features announce the Amazon Prime release of horror feature, Darkness Comes.

Darkness Comes is an innovative mix of Saw meets Rosemary’s Baby. Made in under two weeks, and on a meagre budget, Darkness Comes is packed full of twists, turns, terror and darkly beautiful cinematography, exposing the myth that you need millions to make a great movie. Darkness Comes shows that talent, attitude and exciting ideas is what really matters in modern independent horror.

What was your first time like?  For Eddie (Owen Whitelaw) it’s going to be the most memorable night of his life. Waking up to find himself tied to the bed of the mysterious Suze (Kelly Wenham) may have been a fantasy, but torture and being initiated into an ancient cult has now become his nightmare. A nightmare which will change the course of Eddie’s life, and all those he meets.

Darkness Comes will proudly join the exciting new wave of Scottish Indie Filmmaking and the Year Zero: Tartan Features collective.

David Newbigging explained: “We’ve created a unique and fresh horror in a scene that sometimes feels full of remakes, sequels and re-hashing.  We set out from the start to push our budget as far as we could and we’ve come up with something mysterious, scary and really different. We pulled together a fantastic cast that brings so much to the project. I’m really excited to finally show this film to the world.”

Find out more on Amazon Prime or check out the trailer below.

Tartan 16 – Darkness Comes Trailer from Year Zero : Tartan Features on Vimeo.