Dark Moon Comic Launches Movie Trailer Featuring Horror Icon Tony Todd


Dark Moon has been available as a sci-fi/ horror motion comic for a couple of years now, and they’ve delighted many fans with their unique combination of comic art and electronic music which creates an ethereal atmosphere unlike almost anything else!

Now they are taking their concept to a new level with the release of their movie trailer, which features horror icon Tony Todd as the voice of the main character, Dante.  The movie trailer features comic art that has been animated in a way that they were unable to pull off in motion comic form.  And yet the trailer still blurs the line between motion comic and animated movie, as the goal was to keep some of the feel of the motion comic in.


Dark Moon writer and creator Tom Freeman, had this to say about the trailer:

“With the movie trailer, we are really getting closer to actualizing the original idea behind Dark Moon, which is a deep atmospheric experience that lets the viewer become immersed in our universe, while still having a story that moves fast and keeps the viewer entertained.  I’ve noticed a lot of horror made now is missing the “fun” aspect that was part of the scene in the 80’s and 90’s, and I think this is something we have been able to offer with our story.  Plus, the additional element of having Tony Todd as the voice of our lead character was just a perfect fit, so this newly updated way of telling our story needed to happen.”


The movie is scheduled for Summer 2017, with a Kickstarter beginning on September 15th, 2016 to cover some of the production costs.

Dark Moon started as a motion comic series in 2014, to tell an exciting and atmospheric story of survival in space against horrible odds.  They continue to add to their comics’ universe with new episodes, soundtracks, music videos, and now a trailer for their animated movie, all of which can be seen at www.darkmooncomic.com

Check out the trailer below.