“They told us they were coming…we didn’t listen.” – An Extensive Look At THE DARK MILITARY

Average Superstar Films are proud to present the impressive, independent ‘The Dark Military’, a horror action/thriller written and directed by Loren W. Lepre.

What if a web cast, LIVE on Halloween, turned out to be a real life survival game? What if the people hunting them are a rogue military? All eyes from the around the world are tuned in, and with a short window of time, officials need to find out where this broadcast is taking place. With all technology taken away to slow down any hope of rescue, and no weapons to defend themselves, the ‘contestants’ can only hope they can they be found in time as the world watches on.

This is the setup for Lepre’s first full-length horror feature film. Loren W. Lepre previously directed a successful documentary about the 30 year history of ‘Pennsylvania Hardcore’ and has acted in over 80 independent features in the last five years, most recently ‘Take 2: The Audition’ and ‘Deathhouse’. His background in wrestling is also evident in the finished film. Taking what he had learned from working on so many sets, Lepre finally set his sights upon his first narrative feature. After developing the story and joining forces with Producer Steven Carino (‘Planet Mirrorball’) and Executive Producers Mary Liz Langolis and Natalie Foxhill,

Keeping true to it’s independent roots, the film casts local horror actors alongside bigger names. ‘Dark Military’ stars R. Marcos Taylor (Suge Knight in ‘Straight Outta Compton, Baby Driver, and Luke Cage) Alex Vincent (Childs Play) and Sharon Lentz (Dark Shadows) as well as many actors from Philly’s indie horror scene including Cabrina Collesides, Lamar Bumbrey, John Woods, Gina Marie Scholl, James Donahue, Shannon Sexton and Cory Kastle.

Backseat Conceptions brought their entire crew to aid Loren including Doug Sakmann as co-producer and Special FX coordinator, Zafer Ulkucu as Director of Photography, Nick Esposito as production coordinator, Phil Rush and Joe Narode as Assistant Directors, Sam Crow as sound recorder and Amin Saidi as Drone Operator.

The actors have shared their experiences working on the film in a series of interviews, which can be found on the production company’s website.

The team behind The Dark Military have also shared some behind the scenes shots from the film with us, which you can check out below.


The film has received praise from the independent horror community for it’s building of tension, high quality visuals and original story which allows the characters to be without the technology that would save them.

Luring the participants with press, praise and a killer party too good to say no, cell phones are voluntarily abandoned and they are driven into an untraceable remote area. Far off the radar from their distraught families, the world watches the blood-bath unfold in real time as an unrelenting police force attempts to pinpoint the massacre.

So who this “Dark Military?” This rumored rogue army of heartless killers heeded their warning, and the world did not listen. Well, the world is listening now, and watching in horror… as the Dark Military closes in on their prey. This not a game, and no one knows how to stop it. All you can do is watch and wait.

The music in the movie has also been celebrated, with Bad Luck 13 recording their first song in ten years for the soundtrack. You can check out the music video for the song, titled ‘Riot Extravaganza’.

Keep up to date with the film, and find more exclusive content on The Dark Military Facebook and on the Average Superstars website.

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