‘Dark Forest’ Coming To DVD/VOD February 13th

A weekend camping trip turns to a fight for survival in Roger Boyer’s horror/slasher film ‘Dark Forest‘. Set for release on the 13th February, the film will be available on DVD, as well as various streaming platforms.

The film follows Emily, on the run with friends from her abusive partner Peter – who will stop at nothing to control her. In late 2012 the Cinecoup Accelerator was announced; a filmmaking competition that would give filmmakers a chance to make a feature film and have it premiere in cinemas across Canada. The contest attracted the attention of these Winnipeg based filmmakers and they applied with Dark Forest.

The movie was originally imagined as a found-footage project with a strong female lead. When filmming was underway, the crew realized that little could be added to the saturated found footage market, and re-designed the film as an 80s inspired slasher – with the decade inspiring the music and visuals.

In 2014 the producers ran a successful Indiegogo campaign which enabled them to shot additional scenes in the summer of 2014, reach a final cut and have a local hometown screening for Cast & Crew. In August 2015, the film premiered theatrically at Landmark Cinemas, a major theatre chain in Canada. Outperforming major Hollywood releases, the film was held over for three weeks. It played 5 screens across Canada and the box office gross was over double the amount most other Canadian films that receive national exposure and nationwide releases.

Check out the latest trailer for the film below. You can keep up to date with the film on Facebook and Twitter,

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