Cuddly Slashers and more from Diana Levin

cuddly slashers

Diana Levin was five years old when her family emigrated from Belarus to America. It was at that moment in time when she picked up my first paper and pencil and started drawing. It became her calling and her passion and she has been making art ever since.

Diana am an independent artist living in Los Angeles. Most of her time is spent playing in her creative world. She’s constantly making art, illustrating and crafting jewelry. Because of her love for fantasy and mythology, much of her artwork consists of darker versions of well known fairy tale creatures as well as her own made up characters and stories. Among other endeavors, she organizes and promotes art shows in Los Angeles as well participating in many local craft and indie art fairs and events. Check out some of her works below, including some of our favourite villains and slashers looking much cuddlier than usual!

bride of frankenstein

cute cthulhu

cute star wars villains

cute witch


mad hatter

Find out more at her website.

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