Cthulhu Lighthouses


Horror movies often stretch the budget to create atmospheric backdrops and landscapes. But sometimes, nature does a far better job. Visiting one of the Great Lakes in the depths of winter, you can see some of the eeriest sculptures in the world, for free.  St. Joseph North Pier on the coast of Lake Michigan recently froze over, and photographers Thomas Zakowski and Tom Gill documented the amazing results.


The pair of century-old lighthouses, which stand 10.5 and 17.4 metres tall, are connected by a catwalk that leads to some impressive ice sculptures when battered by winter waves. Known for their spectacular icicles, the lighthouses have become an unlikely winter destination for tourists.


Lake Michigan is one of the five North-American Great Lakes, and is the only one located entirely inside the U.S.A. The great lakes are so enormous that they generate their own weather patterns for the surrounding region. We’d love to see a sci-fi horror set here, preferably involving the Cthulhu mythos. It looks like such a perfect lair for the mythical monster, that we can almost imagine his tentacles wrapped around the light houses.