Crystal Lake Elementary School

Jean Paul Medellin is an artist and designer from the Czech Republic and a lifelong horror movie fanatic. One day he imagined what his favourite horror characters might be like at elementary school age, and what adventures might they go on if they all attended the same school. The result was this awesome art project where we meet our line up of tiny villains, set against the backdrop of the Bate Motel. Medellin also gave the characters who attend Crystal Lake Elementary their own personalities and  back-stories.

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Jason is the de-facto leader of the group, always the adventurer, ready to jump to an adventure, specially in the forest, he loves them. (Jason Voorhees)

You can have J without his best friend, Freddy, the prankster of the group, always with dark circles below his eyes, he’s such a maniac of watching movies at night. (Freddy Krueger)

Mike is a huge fan of Halloween, always eager to trick or treat, and for a strange reason, he really likes to use a clown costume.(Michael Myers)

Tommy is the biggest of the group, he’s not to happy with the math assignments, but whenever sport are involved, he’s your man…well, kid hehe. And boy does he loves beef! (Leatherface)

Elliot is always solving rubic cubes, every day he’s getting better at it, one time he even said that he would like to create a cube of his own (Pinhead)

The inventor of the group, you can count that John is helping Tommy with his math homework, and trying to make the rest of the gang to play a game with him. (Jigsaw)

Murphy is a big fan of Star Wars, huge, his biggest dream is to become a member of legion 501, he even has Elliot and John making him a helmet that will fit him. (Alien)





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