CryptTV Turns Horror Fans Into Krampus

It’s finally here! Krampus is one of the most eagerly anticipated horror films in recent memory, and it hits theatres today to get us in the (slightly twisted) holiday spirit. The film focuses on young Max, disillusioned with Christmas, who accidentally summons an ancient demon. The Krampus, a terrifying figure from Alpine folklore, is intent on punishing non believers.

Over at CryptTV, they’ve been getting in the spirit for the release of Krampus by turning selfies of horror fans into the distinctive beast. Fans sent their images to CryptTV’s snapchat (@CryptTV) for a Krampus inspired makeover.

If Snapchat is your thing, we’d recommend following the leaders of our Crypt Family. They frequently have fun contests and events for the horror community. You can also check in on the Krampus selfies and more spooky content on their Twitter.

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