CryptTV Release Short Films Ahead of ‘The Green Inferno’


Most of you in the horror community will be aware of The Green Inferno, the upcoming cannibal movie by Eli Roth which is set for US release tomorrow. The movie is a throwback to the iconic cannibal films of the 80s, as well as a social commentary on the phenomenon of ‘Slack-tivism’. It follows two students; Justine and Alejandro, on a ‘Save the Amazon’ trip whose plane crashes in the Peruvian jungle where they are taken captive by a tribe of hungry cannibals.

CryptTV have released two horror shorts to promote the release of the much anticipated movie. The growing Crypt Family – which includes Popcorn Horror – is a collaborative of horror content creators who support and promote each other under the motto that ‘Weird is Good‘.  The first of the films is called DRUG DEALS and you can check it out below. It documents “The craziest case of the munchies ever….” The second is an entry in CryptTV’s one minute horror series, which follows an argument that gets nasty between a vegetarian and a carnivore. You can check it out on Facebook.

The Green Inferno has been getting hype around the fact that it was actually filmed on location, deep in the jungle. During an AMA on reddit a couple of days ago, Eli Roth explains how he introduced the idea of the film to the native people in the jungle. “The village had never seen a movie before. We showed them one with a TV and generator and DVD player. The producers showed them Cannibal Holocaust, they thought it was a comedy. After that everyone agreed to be in the film.”

You can find out more about the film on Facebook or CryptTV here.



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