Crowfund Spotlight: Redacted


On of my favourite films on the Popcorn Horror channel is Andy Stewart’s Dysmorphia. Part of a series of body horror shorts, the film was followed by the extremely well received Split and Ink from the Scottish director.  Now Andy is crowdfunding for an even more ambitious project, shifting his focus from body horror to a sci-fi inspired short. The film, named Redacted is set to star American Mary actress Tristan Risk, and the star of The Human Centipede II, Laurence R. Harvey.


After just over a week on IndieGoGo, the project has raised over half of it’s required funds. The synopsis reads:

While on an afternoon hike, an unimposing Man stumbles upon a humanoid creature with alluring female qualities. Fearful and in apparent need of assistance, The Creature oozes sexuality and danger but it is unclear where the danger really lies…

Redacted is an exploration of the darker side of human nature when confronted with something strange and otherworldly.”

You can support the project on IndieGoGo here, or find out more about Andy’s work.