Crowdfunding Spotlight: Ascending Descent


Ascending Descent‘ is a short horror passion project by Open House Pictures – two fresh faced film-makers trying to bring together a community of film-makers to create something new and ambitious. The project aims to be a professional and intense short horror film for all fans alike, working with a team of supporters to create a collaborative film that’s reaches the standard and quality of big-budget productions.

It is is set to look at an element of the modern world not often explored in horror, our reliance on technology for everyday tasks. The film will tell the story of Max and Tom – businessmen on an overnight road trip to another branch. When Max’s SatNav tells him to drive down a mysterious dark road, will they make it to the other side?

When Joe, the director and writer, was driving around scouting locations for inspiration, his SatNav directed him down a road that led his car into a ditch. Now, being stuck and isolated in the dark gave Joe the inspiration for the film. “What would happen if you drove down a road and you couldn’t find your way back?”

He also remarked ‘”Horror is a great passion of mine, what I find fascinating is finding out what scares people the most because everyone’s scared of something and that to me is the backbone of horror. There are no limits, you can do and create anything you want. Horror can take any shape or form, it can be; absurd, gory, psychological, grotesque, there are no boundaries in what you can concoct.’’ 

The team are currently over a third of the way to their IndieGoGo goal, with a month left to back the project. There’s also some nice concept art and rewards to check out, so make sure you have a look at the campaign.