Director of VICIOUS launches Crowdfunding Campaign for STILL


Last week our reviewer RJ Bayley gave a five-star review to indie short film Vicious. The short is written and directed by Oliver Park and is his directorial debut. It is the first of three short films Oliver plans to make, with the next being his current project Still. Park is currently crowdfunding via IndieGoGo to fund the creation of the film –  a 4 minute suspense-horror film about a woman plagued by a statuesque figure.

We were lucky enough to check out the screener for the Vicious, and it’s a fantastic example of independent horror talent. We’d love to see the second film in Park’s series funded and check out what else he has to offer the indie horror scene. He has written horror for most of his life and explains“”Vicious is just the beginning, I have so many ideas that I’ve been working on over the years and I cannot wait to get started on making the rest”

On the IndieGoGo campaign, Oliver revealed more about the conception of Still. I don’t need blood or gore, or monsters galore to scare you. ‘Still’ will make you see the cracks in your ‘Home Sweet Home’ and make you fear those moments of comfort that you take for granted. ‘Still’ plays on the feeling we all got when we were kids and we asked someone to tell us a scary story. We all want to be scared from time to time and this one will get under your skin for sure. ‘Still’ was written one Halloween morning following a nightmare. I knew it would be the perfect film to follow ‘Vicious’ – it’s short, harrowing and will stay with you night after night.”

If the campaign is successful, Oliver Park will release Vicious to the public. Therear additional rewards ranging from copies of both films, to receiving a mysterious claw as a top end reward. Investing in the film also grants early access as a member of the team.

You can support the campaign here, or find out more on Facebook.

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