Crowdfunding Campaign launched for ‘The Resurrectionist’, Historical Southern Horror Film


A short horror film inspired by Southern US history is seeking funding via IndieGogo to complete the project. ‘The Resurrectionist’ is historical horror short film written and directed by Tim Stevens and is the fourth major project by the indie studio (Title Pending) Productions.

The film tackles difficult historical issues such race relations in the Deep South post-Civil War, as well as themes of self-sacrifice. ”The Resurrectionist’ is not your average Hollywood thriller,” director Tim Stevens said. “It deals with hard issues that are as relevant now as they were 150 years ago.”

A crowdfunding campaign through IndieGoGo has been launched to run from August 17 to mid-September. With a goal of $10,000, earnings will go toward period accurate props and clothing, crew lodging on-location, as well as expenses of cameras, technical gear, and lights.


Stevens and co-producer John Francis McCullagh formed the independent film studio (Title Pending) Productions two years after creating their first film, “Love is a Grave.” “The Resurrectionist” will be the production company’s third major project, and the short film is a step toward their ultimate goal of making a full-length feature version. Stevens believes by producing a high-end, Hollywood scale film in short form, (Title Pending) Productions will be able to show the “big guys” in the industry that a story like this is worth telling. “And we’re the team to do it,” Stevens concludes.

To find out more, head over to the campaign page.

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