Crowdfund Spotlight: Ripper – A Batman Fan Film


Gotham by Gaslight isn’t the best known of Batman’s comic book adventures. Set at the end of the nineteenth century, the one-shot comic pitted batman against infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper. Although not originally labeled as such, Gotham by Gaslight is considered to be the first Elseworlds story, where DC Comics heroes are taken out of their usual setting and put into alternate timelines or realities.

Thanks to some dedicated fans, the 1989 comic is seeing a revival in the form of a fan film currently seeking funding on IndieGoGo. Despite production delays and casting changes, ‘Ripper’ is set for release this year. You can check out the trailer below.

The film’s synopsis reads:

‘London , 1888 and the Ripper murders are gripping the country. The people of Whitechapel are afraid to walk the streets at night and the police are no closer to cracking the case. Chief Inspector Abberline leads the investigation and with pressure from above to catch the killer, his own demons start to get the better of him…
What Abberline doesn’t know is that there is someone out there who wants to help.

Someone in the shadows…. watching…. waiting to strike.

There’s worse things out there than Jack the Ripper.’


The fan film will have a similar tone and look as the graphic novel, but with Italian horror influences and a unique synth heavy score by Metal Machine Music. It is most of the way to completion, but the crew are campaigning for an additional £5000 to finish the project.

You can back Ripper on IndieGoGo, or find out more on Facebook and Twitter.

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