Cristina Otero’s Stunning (and Horrifying) Self Portraits


Cristina Otero is a Spanish photographer currently living in Madrid. Known for her self-portraits, Cristina started taking pictures at thirteen, and at fifteen she had her first solo exhibition in the Kir Royal Gallery (Valencia), becoming the youngest Spanish artist to exhibit individually in a gallery.


The self-taught photographer told 500PXISO“Even when I’m painting, all my interest goes to the human body and how it interacts in certain environments and circumstances, being that the female face is usually the protagonist. When I began photography, I needed a model. But at the time, I was only 13 years old, and I could not reach out to “real” models. One day, I looked at my own reflection in the mirror and thought: “I’m a girl. I have a face and a body. I’ll use myself!” Self-portraiture then became therapy to me. It helped me portray my feelings in a way another person could never get to do. That’s why I continue to take pictures of myself, even if I’m currently working with models now.”




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