A Darkly Humorous Look At Crime Scene Photography

“Morbidity & Mortality” is Jeanette May’s light-hearted and fluffy response to the current popular fascination with cinematic murder and forensics. She is a photo-based artist using a critical, sometimes playful, approach to investigate representation itself. Her work often examines the use of visual pleasure and the power of “the gaze” in contemporary culture. The photographer explains “In these staged photographs of recently discovered victims, the body is that of a “dead” pet toy. There is a perverse quality to toys that resemble real animals—already deceased or clearly marked for death. The resulting images start a conversation about our society’s interest in the macabre. A sense of humor helps!” 

Morbidity & Mortality: Fox

Morbidity & Mortality: Beaver, 2013

Morbidity & Mortality: Squirrel, 2012


Morbidity & Mortality: Bunny


Morbidity & Mortality: Chipmunk

Morbidity & Mortality: Frog, 2013