Creepy images of abandoned Doctor’s mansion

Dan Raven is a photographer who captured these haunting images of an abandoned doctor’s house in Germany. While the house’s fixtures are beautiful, the occupants presumably left in a hurry and abandoned most of their possessions. Dan has a fascination with urban decay and although little is known about the building, it is though to have been abandoned for around twenty years. ‘It looks like most of the family were killed in a car accident (found head stones for them in the house) and the lady of the house died shortly after leaving everything behind from work stuff… to personal photos and kids paintings,’ he told Reddit readers. This creepy abandoned doctor’s house forms part of Dan’s book States of Decay which documents abandoned sites from all over Europe and North America.

You can find more of Dan’s work on his Flickr or Facebook

 examination room

Folders, scales and kidney samples can be found in this room


Abandoned examination room of the physician who once owned this home


Paper is still positioned in the Doctor’s typewriter


Gruesome samples can be found in various locations within the house


The owner’s possessions can be found throughout the house


The doctor’s instruments


A pram with a creepy-looking doll sits in one of the rooms


The furniture is lavish and ornate throughout the house