‘Creepy Romance’ -Fantastically Spooky Art and Eerie Unconventional Love Quotes

Are you looking to impress your partner, improve your relationship, or spark some romance? Perhaps you need some words of wisdom from a well known love quote, a friendly therapist, or the macabre minds of horror artists from around the world.

Creepy Romance is a collaboration between artist Cosondra Sjostrom and fifty other participating artists. Each year an edition of the Creepy Romance book is released; featuring unconventional love quotes alongside the artists illustrations. Participants include artists who work with Marvel & DC comics, Adult Swim, FOXADHD, Pixar, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Pixomondo, Sony, Robot Chicken, Disney, along with emerging and independent artists. Cosondra Sjostrom assigns each artist an alternative love quote, and they are given 30 days to create their contribution. It’s founder has described the project as “Creepy Romance examines eternal love by exploring how it exists in the mortal realm by way of words and art.” She donates the profits from publishing the books to Fix Nation to help save homeless cats.

The first edition of the Creepy Romance books was funded by fans via IndieGoGo. Throughout her career, Sjostrom has been involved in several nonprofits and has advocated for social change. Some of her work includes clothing drives and collaborating with other charities to support their causes. She is the creator of the Masked Clean-Up concept, which aims to add a fun element to beach clean-ups and community clean-ups. She explains“Being an activist for what you believe in is important. As humans on this planet, we are constantly evolving, learning and activism brings about necessary social change.”

Many of the quotes are morbid, deranged and play on horror conventions and imagery from scary films. Cosondra Sjostrom explained in an interview“you know when you’re in love and you say something to your object of desire that you intend to sound sweet? You want to say something different that expresses how you feel and doesn’t sound like the same thing that everyone else says. Then it ends up sounding like the creepiest thing you could have ever said. Thus, Creepy Romance.”

The book sees love being compared to various experiences and horror conventions. Rachel Schneider, for example, was assigned a quote comparing love and addiction. Her incredible illustration captures the darkness of the comparison, combining gory anatomical human hearts and screaming warped demon faces.

Some of the images blend oddly sweet declarations of love with horror and comic influenced artwork. Zack Soto’s contribution shows a character sawing through a cartoon rib-cage to reach the heart of his beloved. Celebrated artist GhoulKiss – aka Emma Baker – has also been involved with the Creepy Romance project. She boasts an impressive following for her work on Instagram, and illustrates strange and fantasy-like character designs, complimented with bright and pastel color palettes of pinks, greens, blues and yellows. Her contribution to the book shows an anime inspired zombie holding a severed hand close to her face.

There are four editions of the Creepy Romance books, each featuring gorgeous original artwork from creative people across the world. You can check them out and find out more about the project at it’s official website. Check out some of our favorite entries below too.