These Creepy Puppets are made with Human Hair and a Dead Grandmother’s Jewelry

If you already though puppets were a little sinister, these handmade versions are going to send a chill down your spine. Inspired by classic horror movies, burial rituals, and morbid memories; Handsome Devils Puppets creates unique and hand crafts these unnerving figures.

They say: “Puppets are infinite. If you know love, they do. If you know sadness, they do. If you breathe, they do. You give them steps and they make them strange. They are sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always honest little vessels.”

The artist also explained the inspiration and materials used for the puppet designs on their website; “I started making puppets when I felt I didn’t have a voice. I sculpted powerful, magical creatures to dance and sing and cry and give me that voice. When I feared death, they showed me it could be beautiful. When I feared life, they showed me it could be weird and wonderful. The Handsome Devils are each hand-sculpted, piece by piece, and decorated in everything from remnants from the bottom of granny’s jewelry box to bones from a field in my hometown.”

Find out more on the Handsome Devils Puppets website.