Creepy-Cute Michael Myers Halloween Photoshoot – With A Twist

Indiana mother and photographer Breanna Caldwell has seen her latest photoshoot shared widely among horror fans. In a creative Halloween shoot, that is equally adorable and spooky, her young daughter comes face to face with an iconic slasher.

The first image in the series shows four year old Maci inviting Michael Myers for a garden teaparty. A friend dressed in the costume seen in the original Halloween movie for the project, and is seen lurking in the woods while the little girl enjoys tea. She invites the masked killer to join her, and he is shown participating in the tea party.

“She wasn’t even 1% scared,” Caldwell said. “She absolutely loved it.”

The tale has a dark twist, with Maci and Myers taking a stroll in the woods and one of them coming to an unfortunate end. However, it is not the child who is the victim, but the spooky slasher! In the final shot we see Maci with her dress sprayed with blood and wearing Michael’s stolen mask.

Now she’s “just trying to get Jamie Lee Curtis’ attention” her mom said.

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