Twenty Trees That Are Making Christmas Creepier

So we’re kicking off our festive celebrations today here on Popcorn Horror. As December gets underway, many of you will be starting to thing about this years decorations. Taking center stage in homes across the world will be the Christmas tree, but for some of us that’s a little too wholesome. Last year (against my will) my home was filled with pink and purple Frozen themed holiday decor, so I wanted to offer horror fans the opportunity to create something more unique with their trees.

Take a look at some of the fantastically spooky trees below, and show us your horror inspired trees on social media.


Marvel comic artist Greg Horn took a break from his illustrating work to design this white Nightmare Before Christmas themed tree


Dave created this spooky scene from Christmas morning featuring a bat and pumpkin adorned tree.


Is your festive decor lacking in tentacles? This Cthulhu themed tree might be for you!


absinthium re-purposed Halloween ornaments for the festive season


This tree is filled with Old World Christmas, Slavic and Radko Halloween ornaments. If these vintage ornaments are your thing, check out ChristmasTraditions.


Invite a witch to Christmas with this clever tree.


Love the colors in this Day of the Dead inspired tree


Skulls, skulls, and more skulls!


We loved this guy as an alternative to the traditional star and fairy toppers.


Maybe you need something a little smaller for the dinner table?


Shelterness suggests that this is a ‘Halloween Tree’. But we’d still put it up in December.


Glitter and horror do mix!


Classy tribute to the Phantom of the Opera.




red8771 created this Whoville tree for when you want to embody The Grinch


Did you know that Ukrainian Christmas trees are decorated with ornamental spiders and cobwebs? According to folklore, there was a poor woman who could not afford to decorate their Christmas tree. But the next morning, her children woke up to see the tree covered with webs and when the first light of Christmas morning touched the web threads, they turned into gold and silver.


McPhail create these striking trees from elk antlers


GothicRoseAntiques is an artist who created this fantastic vintage spooky tree.

snake tree

The folks at HalloweenForum always astound me with their creativity. Here’s a tree featuring the snake from Nightmare Before Christmas. 


Finally, check out the detail in this one. There tarot cards, candy corn and skeletons. The presents are even wrapped in pumpkin shapes – awesome!

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