Creator of ‘Phantasm Holiday Special’ Earns Praise From Troma for New Short

You might remember us sharing The Phantasm Holiday Special over Christmas. Silver balls were ringing in the clever parody of the famously awful Star Wars Holiday Special.

Creators  MIKAL Films / Darkly Films are back with their entries in the ‘15 Second Horror Film Challenge‘ a nonprofit international filmmaking contest in which celebrity judges decide the top films – the best screening at horror conventions across the world. Mikal created the “Honest Horror Films” series – based on the concept of taking common horror tropes and inserting real life people to see how differently they would react in the situation than professional horror actors would.

Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment was judging, and selected “Honest Horror Films: The Basement”. The film team were delighted to be selected by a figurehead of low budget filmmaking.

“This is particularly exciting to me because Lloyd and Troma films are legends of indie film, and a huge part of my childhood film experience.” Mikal told us.

Watch the film below, and find more of Mikal’s work on YouTube.

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