Creative Writing Prompts for Horror Writers

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Comparing to other genres of creative writing, horror stories are the most challenging. Indeed, making your audience seriously scared is not an easy task. Famous horror writers like Lovecraft and Stephen King have their own secrets of success and techniques. They create strange and mysterious images, leave room for the unknown, and dive deep into the subconscious fears. The nightmarish maze is not that easy to drift – demons, vampires, and zombies are not enough to create a required effect. There is something more you need to implement to make your readers feel the chills down their spine. And it’s really hard to figure out what exactly will work! For that reason, many of us get stuck when trying to create something creepy. But how to get unstuck?

Well, gladly, we have some horror writing prompts to show you the right direction when you experience that famous “writer’s block.” Read them and get ready to release your darkest side…

Stories with an unexpected twist

Creepy stories stay creepy even if you don’t have any smart plot twists. However, if you will add one, your story will become more memorable. Surprise your readers with something they didn’t expect to come, amaze them, and they will share your masterpiece with others. Here are some prompts for you:

  • Write a story about a man that comes back home after a long absence. He enters the house and discovers the corpses of his wife and child. He starts investigating the case and gradually realizes that he is a murderer. The trick is that his psychics expunged the traumatic event from his memory.
  • The psychiatric clinic performs secret experiments on mentally-ill people, and the young doctor decides to investigate the case. It turns out that the doctors here are former patients, and they control the hospital, turning things upside down.
  • The village is suffering from water pollution and calls the environmental group to investigate the case. One of the team members gets killed in the process. It turns out that demonic powers and needs sacrifices cause pollution. If a human sacrifice is not provided, the river will wipe the entire village. The locals called the group to perform a ritual and save their village.

Stories about supernatural powers

Scary short stories about demons and poltergeists have always been extremely popular. And, of course, writing one is more exciting than dealing with your homework. So while you hire an essay writer for your projects, have fun writing a short horror story using the following prompts:

  • A young archeologist investigates the ruins of an ancient town and starts seeing the visions of this place. The visions become more and more real with time, covering the entire world.
  • The character of the story meets a strange woman on the street and suddenly unlocks the ability to predict the future. He starts seeing visions, but this gift entails the deaths of his relatives and friends.
  • A young priest turns to science and decides to leave the church. Once he does that, strange events start happening to him.

Slasher horror stories

Slashers are pretty straightforward; that is why it is hard to create a good story. However, if you will manage to do that, you might produce a real hit. Check these story plots for inspiration:

  • The group of musicians meets a mysterious stranger. The man offers them fame and success for nothing. It turns out that their popularity costs too much – someone from the audience dies at every concert.
  • The train crashes and the survivors appear on the wild nature waiting until the rescuers come. The group members start disappearing one by one, and it turns out that a killer is among them.
  • There is a doctor who saves people during the day and turns into a serial killer when the night falls.

Stories about monsters

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Different monsters in horror stories can move the plot, so try writing one yourself. Here are some engaging prompts:

  • College students play the fantasy card game (like Dungeons and Dragons). The newcomer joins the group and becomes a game master. When he leads the game, strange things start happening: the imaginative monsters appear in the real world.
  • The group of diggers finds a strange room under the ground. When they enter, it turns out that they have crossed a portal to another world. They meet strange creatures there, and most of them are not very friendly…
  • A video blogger interested in creepy legends and ghost stories decides to debunk a myth about an ancient demon of the town. When he arrives at that town, it turns out that the legend was more real than he expected.


Hopefully, these prompts and ideas will inspire you at the moments when you experience writer’s block and have no idea how to write a horror story. These suggestions are great for both short novels and larger texts, so you can use them as a basis for your story. Adjust and change these prompts any way you want, combine two or three in one text, have fun, and enjoy the writing process! We hope that your creative juices will start flowing right after you end reading this article. Create something really creepy and make your readers leave the light on after reading your masterpiece!