Crowdfund Spotlight: The Coven Playing Cards


Introducing The Coven playing Cards, a set of custom poker sized cards inspired by the mythology of witches’ covens. The creators of these awesome cards, 52Ravens, are currently about halfway to their funding goal on Kickstarter, to produce this unique card deck.

Kirk Slater, who created the cards explains:

“Being a graphic designer, a small-time playing card deck collector and lover of card tricks, it has been a passion of mine to create my own deck. I wanted to produce a deck that hinted at the darkness of witchcraft while projecting a macabre & horror feel.

The Coven Playing card deck features an all female cast of court cards. The kings and Jacks wear masks while the queens reveal their faces. I’ve tried to keep the standard deck features such as the one eyed jacks and the suicide kings. The tuck box will also have the ravens printed on the inside as though they are trying to escape the box.”

Check out some of the beautiful artwork featured on the cards below, and consider helping the project out over on Kickstarter. 







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