Coronavirus Leads to the First Drive-In Haunted House

The coronavirus crisis has lead to a number of horror events being cancelled. And while fans are still unsure what experiences might be available for the coming Halloween, a group of Japanese event organisers have come up with a unique way of hosting a socially distanced haunted house.

Japan traditionally celebrates ghosts and the afterlife in summer, but a more Western idea of Halloween has gained popularity in the last 20 years. Increasingly, young people attend parties and parades celebrating Halloween in October. With many of these events uncertain in 2020, haunted house design team Kowagarasetai have announced a fresh take on the haunted attraction that allows for visitors to distance themselves from each other.

The event is set to take place in a large garage building in Higashi Azabu District in Tokyo. “This is a garage where a horrible incident occurred long ago. Now people say that if you park your car inside and honk your horn three times, something will happen.” the organiser explains.

Much like old school movie drive-ins, visitors will link their cars with a radio system to listen to the attraction back story. From the press photos, it appears that vehicles will be attacked by zombies or ghostly figures. A Sadako-like character will also be involved. The element of being trapped within the car looks like an interesting twist on haunted experiences.

Visitors who do not own a car will be able to rent special vehicles for the event at an extra cost. While those who do bring a car have the option of having it redecorated by the spooky characters. Each of the provided cars can seat up to four guests and is thoroughly disinfected between sessions, with each car only being used for guests arriving in the same group (i.e. strangers won’t be placed in the same car).

Reservations are required, and can be made online here.

This looks like an innovative option for Halloween events affected by the coronavirus outbreak – we’re hoping organisers in the UK and US will be able to also adapt to the circumstances and offer alternatives for horror fans this October.

The many older houses across the UK will make perfect locations for socially-distanced Halloween parties this October. For example, Edwardian and Victorian properties have a certain gothic feel to them,” says quick house sale blogger Ruban Selvanayagam who published a post on the different sorts of houses that have been built in Britain’s history.