Which Conjuring Movie Is the Scariest?: Conjuring Movies Ranked

When it comes to the Conjuring movies, they really all do inspire nightmares. But which is the most uncomfortably frightening? Read to find out.

Are you a big fan of the Conjuring movie series?

Since 2013, we’ve come to enjoy the thrilling and scary films of The Conjuring universe. From a haunted house story, the Conjuring movies have grown to include even haunted dolls and legendary folktales.

If you’re a lover of supernatural horror movies, there’s no way you haven’t encountered any of The Conjuring movies. The supernatural thriller-horror franchise lends its renown to the first film’s success.

Yet, with all the movies in the Conjuring universe, people are asking, which one is the scariest? Of course, to fully immerse yourself in the ghostly experience, a good set of speakers ore headphones is absolutely essential. 

If you haven’t seen these movies yet and wouldn’t like to get spoiled, pause your reading. Take the time to watch those movies first before you continue. Without further ado, here is our ranking of the Conjuring movies by scare factor.

  1. Annabelle (2014)

The Annabelle doll is one of the most iconic objects in The Conjuring series. Its sequel and prequel have done much better in the box office. Yet, this film stands at the last place in the ranking for the scariest in the Conjuring movie franchise.

The film comes across as a generic horror movie happening within a household with a newborn baby. The characters are not very memorable and the scares are derivative. The many shots of the Annabelle doll’s face may be a factor in that.

Its tone and style don’t match the rest of the series. This first Annabelle movie lacked the storytelling that the other movies have. It’s lacking real-life elements and decision-making that a sensible person would do.

If there was anything that Annabelle has to make up for its lack of depth, it would be the adorable baby actors.

  1. The Nun (2018)

Coming up as second-least scary is the origin story of the demon nun from The Conjuring. The promise of the trailer didn’t deliver in the film.

The Nun was one of the most anticipated movies of the entire Conjuring franchise. It gathered a worldwide gross of $365,550,119.  Yet, it turned out to be the biggest disappointment with a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

We’re not surprised that it didn’t hold up to its hype. Its heavy reliance on exposition and false scares makes it a forgettable movie. Also, the fact that it’s set in a monastery in Romania may be a factor in this.

The other movies in The Conjuring universe occur within a home and around a family. This makes it easy to relate to the characters and their fear of the supernatural. The Nun’s setting is unfamiliar to many viewers and makes it difficult to relate to the movie to some level.

If there was anything it had over Annabelle, it would be the chilling opening scene.

  1. The Curse of La Llorona (2019)

Coming in at rank #5 is The Curse of La Llorona.

Before it got confirmed as part of The Conjuring series, there were debates on whether the film was a part of it. We’re even betting some readers right now might have only realized that it’s part of the horror franchise.

La Llorona is a famous oral legend in Mexican folklore. The movie stays true to her story in the legend and focuses to expand upon her curse. Although the premise of the film was good, it still flopped in critical reception.

The reason for this is the studio built the movie around the scary moments instead of characters or plot. Some of its best scenes had great, scary, tension-building imagery. A good example of this is the see-through umbrella scene.

Yet, it seems that all its advantages lied in its chilling but novel scenes. Most of its other scenes were predictable like its jump scares. The writing and directing seem heavy-handed as well.

  1. Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

This latest addition to The Conjuring movies has only earned $40.407 million in the box office so far. Considering that it had a $27 million budget, the movie isn’t doing too well. Still, it may be too early to give a final judgment on it.

We get to explore the haunted collectibles room since the film takes place at the Warrens’ home. This is a great opportunity for hardcore fans and diligent easter egg hunters to do their work.

In Annabelle Comes Home, the Warrens leave their daughter, Judy, at home with a babysitter. Things get a little out of control when the babysitter’s friend arrives. She breaks into the room for the haunted collection in an attempt to communicate with her father.

The movie introduces a few new supernatural threats as well. This includes the Ferry Man, a haunted bride’s dress, and a hellhound. The hellhound takes inspiration from the real-life Southend Werewolf case of the Warrens.

Annabelle Comes Home is a rare horror movie with a happy ending. It’s also one of the better installments in the Conjuring movie series. Who would’ve known you could exorcise someone with a projected exorcism video?

  1. Annabelle: Creation (2017)

The prequel for Annabelle did much better than expected. One of the biggest factors is that it includes the mystery of the house. As the audience and characters attempt to find out what happened in it, the demon in the background is already moving to kill.

This movie is the answer to the question, “is Annabelle scary enough to earn a sequel?”

The scares are great here, too, which makes it a great Conjuring spinoff. The film contains disturbing images that stick in your brain long after the movie is over.

Also, there are no conquering heroes here like the Warrens. The Mullins try to do the right thing but fail to finish what they began. Of the six orphans, Janice and Linda come closest to being heroes as they fight for survival.

  1. The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Ranking as the second scariest movie in The Conjuring franchise is none other than The Conjuring 2. So far, it’s the perfect sequel to any supernatural horror movie. It further highlighted the Warrens and built upon the world they live in.

It’s built around family drama, this time set in a London household. The first half of the movie shows the toll that demonic entities bring to their victims. We see how the Hodgson family tries to do everything they can to endure the evil in the house.

Imagine trying your best to raise your children as a single mother. Yet, at the same time, you’re dealing with malevolent spirits and persistent journalists. The movie shows possession and haunted houses from different angles.

Let’s also not forget how it shows the toll that Lorraine Warren takes from her work. Even in the comfort of her home, she sees visions of her husband getting pierced through the chest.

Another big factor that sold the movie is the twist-antagonist. Many moviegoers expected Bill Wilkins to be the main villain. In actuality, it turned out to be Valak.

  1. Scariest of the Conjuring Movies: The Conjuring (2013) 

The original Conjuring movie, directed by none other than James Wan, tops this list. Who didn’t at least get crept out by this terrifying ghost story? After all, this is the movie where it all began and the one that inspired six other sequels/prequels.

Other than it’s the beginning of a grand horror movie franchise, there is a ton of other reasons why it’s ranked first. Let’s begin with the plot of The Conjuring. The movie centers on the investigation of Ed and Lorraine Warren of the Perrons’ property.

The experienced husband-and-wife paranormal investigators make an interesting protagonist duo. Our antagonist is a 19th-century witch haunting and possessing the Perron family. She aims to curse everyone who tries to live on her land while the Warrens work to drive her away.

Moving on to the technicalities, The Conjuring has very good attention to detail. It takes the viewers into the world of the Perrons through its tone, aesthetic, and color palette. This immersion is one of the reasons why the scares in the movie become so effective.

Director James Wan made it a point to use practical effects for the scares and possession scenes. The brilliant acting and design work also further enhance the allure of the film. The tension and anxiety-inducing horrors make it the scariest movie in the franchise.

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And that’s our ranking of the worst movies in The Conjuring universe to the best.

The rise of the Conjuring movies wouldn’t be possible were it not for the critical success of The Conjuring. Clever tie-ins in each movie are smart ways to keep extending the movie universe.

With long-time fans awaiting the next installment, The Conjuring franchise remains as one of the best horror franchises. There’s no doubt that Conjuring 3 will only bump the franchise further up in its success.

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