Kickstarter Launches For Concertina Book ‘Dracula’ Adaptation


A little while ago I reviewed the glorious graphic novel ‘Sparks and the Fallen Star‘ from writer/artist Lyndon White. It’s a beautiful book that not only displays White’s unique writing skills, but showcases his unbelievable artwork. Since then I’ve followed his career extremely closely, so now it thrills me to say that his next project is one that I’m a huge fan of.

White has taken on the huge task of adapting Bram Stoker’s timeless novel Dracula. Obviously Dracula has appeared in comic form hundreds of times, but White has developed his adaption quite differently in that it’s created in the shape of a concertina. Focusing more on specific key points within the novel, White has created an illustrated presentation that people can understand and follow easily.


White’s artwork is truly phenomenal and incorporates and captures the very essence of Stoker’s gothic masterpiece. Creating it as a concertina is also a stroke of genius as once fully opened you could frame it which adds another dimension.

At present the book is finished, but White has just started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund printing. I don’t have to say that this is a must for any true horror or comics fans. I urge you to back this project and get your hands on an amazing story and an amazing piece of art by one of the best illustrators working today.


Dracula is possibly the most famous movie monster that’s ever been created. Now you can own a piece of work by an amazing artist that truly shows why the character is so timeless.

Back the project now and add Bram Stoker’s Dracula by Lyndon White to your horror collection!

Stephen Harper writes for the Popcorn Horror magazine, as well as for Video Views and The Slaughtered Bird. You can also find him on Twitter