Common Online Slots Myths Busted

When it comes to online virgin slots mobile, we would consider ourselves experts in the field. We have played all the games out there and tried all the online slot sites, and throughout our experience we’ve heard all sorts of myths and misconceptions. The world of slots can be quite mysterious, and we are going to take a deep dive into it. So, read on to find out about common online slots myths and misconceptions! We are going to be looking at:

–          The myth of rigged slots

–          Jackpot myths

–          Myths surrounding slot tournaments

Slots are Rigged: Fact or Fiction?

One of the most heard myths about online slots is that they are rigged. This could not be further from the truth! Slot machines are chance-based games, and slot developers are 100% transparent about this. The word ‘rigged’ suggests that the player is being told that they have a high or definite chance of winning a jackpot, whilst the developer is sneakily not telling us that this is not true. That is just simply not the case – if you spend some time reading the terms and conditions of a slot game, you will see that all probabilities, RTP% are clearly stated. Slot developers are transparent, and the industry is highly regulated – slots are not rigged, it is just a myth.

Classic Myths about Jackpots

There are so many myths surrounding online slots, but some of the most common are surrounding jackpots. Everybody has heard misconceptions regarding how jackpots work, and we are here to clear them up. Let’s take a look:

–          Some people believe that you cannot hit multiple jackpots in a row – this is not the case! Whilst it is certainly very unlikely, the RNG does not take history of wins into consideration – you could absolutely hit the jackpot twice in a row!

–          A lot of people believe that you are much more likely to hit the jackpot when participating in a slot tournament or jackpot. Again, false. Unless the slot developer specifically states that the odds have been changed for the tournament, the RNG will behave as usual.

–          Finally, many people believe that you should avoid autospin features as jackpots are much less likely when using them. Nope – the RNG behaves in the exact same way whether it is a manual spin or an autospin, so you do not have to worry about losing that precious jackpot!

Mythical Slots

Overall, you should not feel bad if you believed some of these classic misconceptions. Myths, legends, and misconceptions are a part of life, and slots are no exception. However, it is important to know the truth to ensure that you’re not missing out on any important information. We hope that we have helped clear a few things up for you – now go out there and impress your friends with your newfound knowledge about the myths of slot – busted!

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