Comic Villains That Will Make Great Horror Movies

Superhero movies are some of the most popular films in the world, especially when they contain classic comic characters that we have grown up with and come to know and love. Generally, everybody roots for the good guy, and naturally they triumph over evil and save the day. But what about the villains, what made them so bad, how can we come to an understanding of what they love if we don’t have movies about them. Of course, these movies are unlikely to be flowery, and it would be only right for the villains to lose, but all great horror movies have to start somewhere, and we think there are some cracking comic villains who need to star in a film of their own over the coming years. So, here’s a run-down of our best suggestions for comic book villains who deserve their own horror movie. 


Well, even his name suggests he is the stuff of horror movies. You certainly won’t be getting much sleep while he’s around. Nightmare originally came to light as a Doctor Strange villain, and the reason he is so called is because he tortures his victims in the dream dimension. He’s a bit of a mind hack who thrives on creating mental chaos and driving people insane. There is certainly a lot there to base a horror story on, and we think he would make a pretty wicked franchise. We dare you to go to bed after watching a film where you realise your dreams are not created naturally in the mind, but Nightmare is breaking in and taking control. This evil character came to light 20 years before Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy Krueger, but we think he’s been overlooked and there are undoubtedly some modern horror films to be made starring this villain. 


Growing up, you may have found the concept of the scarecrow’s standing in a field somewhat freaky all on its own. It was only because of the likes of Wurzel Gummidge that scarecrows were given a friendlier demeanour. Of course, the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz isn’t evil or creepy, and people quite liked him too. But with Doctor Who and other terrifying incarnations of our straw made friend we certainly think there are plenty of horrors to be had. The Scarecrow we are explicitly referring to is that of Batman’s nemesis who again is rather intent on playing some very nasty mind games. He has a stash of deadly chemicals which create hallucinations that terrify and destroy his victims. He has been portrayed on screen before in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy where Cillian Murphy gave a spine-chilling rendition. However, we are pretty convinced that Arkham Asylum is the place to be when our scarecrow gets a movie of his own with this menacing doctor seeing his patients.

Baron Blood

You certainly wouldn’t sleep after two hours in a movie theatre, where the feature film starred none other than Baron Blood. One of Captain America’s nastiest villains, this monster with a penchant for sucking blood kept his identity as a vampire secret but of course as we know when good overcame evil Captain America won the day by using his shield to decapitate the monster. However, he is the perfect candidate for a starring role in a bloodthirsty horror movie that will have you hiding behind your cinema seat. If you add in the likes of the Howling Commandos, you have a modern-day hammer horror hit that will see them queuing round the block. 


Not to be confused with everyone’s favourite comic book hero Batman, Man-Bat was actually an evil creature who decided to run in competition with our caped crusader becoming a flying bat with a desire for eating flesh who has some pretty scary traits. Just as Venom became the anti-Spiderman, Man-Bat became the anti-Batman, and it is easy to see how this evil creature could become the leading light of a horror film breathing fear into all who dared to watch. 


Speaking of Spiderman, one of his nemesis is Vermin. It doesn’t take an evil genius to figure out that this malevolent creation has based himself on a mutated rat and of course as all good rats do, he lives in the sewers particularly in New York. While it is quite unusual, he is a serial killer, he pops up and drags an unsuspecting victim down to his lair to eat. He’s a pretty horrific creation coma, and Marvel Comics created him to resemble the stories of the alligator who lives in the sewers. This urban legend is pretty dastardly and is definitely able to scare and terrify any audience that goes to watch him in a movie. 

There are certainly plenty of evil villains from the comic book era who would do well in a story of their own. The next question, of course, would be which of our actors renowned for playing the bad guy could take on each character. There is certainly plenty to work with, and we are sure there would be no shortage of audition worthy candidates queuing up to get their hands on one of these fantastic roles if a film studio were to run with the idea of creating a horror film. These are just a few of the possible comic villains that could easily carry a leading role in a horror film, and we’re sure there are plenty more that you could come up with.