Comic Book Horror Movie Rottentail Hops Into Theaters

This Easter a new rabbit is paying a visit, and he’s sure to make the holiday a memorable one! The horror comedy Rottentail, based on the graphic novel of the same name, hops into theaters on April 12th, courtesy of Ammo Content. But not before having both an East Coast and West Coast World Premiere featuring the talent behind the film.

The Source Point Press horror comic adaptation written by creator David C. Hayes and Director Brian Skiba, tells the bizarre tale of fertility research scientist Peter Cotton, who is bitten by a mutant rabbit, transforming him into the vengeful Rottentail. Seeking revenge upon all who have wronged him, he heads to his hometown of Easter Falls on the eve of the Annual Easter Parade to wreak havoc and lay claim to the love of his life!

Corin Nemec (The Stand, Stargate SG-1, Bundy: A Legacy of Evil) stars as Dr. Peter Cotton, who transforms into the murderous Rottentail. Alongside Nemec are co-Stars Dominique Swain and the William McNamara in his most hilarious yet villainous role to date as Pastor Jake Mulligan.

In addition to the theatrical release there are two private World Premiere events. The first is the East Coast World Premiere April 4th in Royal Oak, MI. This premiere is an invitation-only event, except for 50 members of the public that will be let in to the premiere, free of charge, on a first-come-first save basis the day of the event. Director Brian Skiba, actress Laurie Love, creator David C. Hayes, Producers, and Soundtrack Artists will be in attendance, including the Detroit-based horror-core rap duo Twiztid. The West Coast World Premiere will take place April 11th in Los Angeles, CA. Much of the talent behind the film will be walking the red carpet, including Director Brian Skiba, the film’s star Corin Nemec, and most of the cast, crew, and producers of the film.

Source Point Press has already unveiled a limited edition version of a Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack that is currently available to pre-order on their website. This features exclusive cover art, as well as bonus features, and comes signed by Rottentail creator David C. Hayes and cover artist Joshua Werner.

Check out the new trailer below.

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