Coffee To Die For…Delivered by Hearse


Are you a horror fan in Clarington, Ontario who struggles to find a good cup of coffee on a cold morning? Deadly Ground are an independent coffee company who’s products are themed around the darker side of life – and their company car and delivery vehicle is a re-purposed hearse! It even bears the registration ‘2-DIEFOR’.

Company founder Tom Lialios, worked in television and film production for over 20 years, and coffee was a necessity in keeping him going during the long hours of work. Dissatisfied with the offerings of the major coffee chains, Tom explains on his website“Rare is the coffee experience that’s truly to die for. In the search for coffee nirvana Tom thought it would be easier to just make his own. While it turned out not to be easier it sure as hell was a lot of fun. He found a talented local roaster that believed in quality over quantity and with a name that no one could forget – Deadly Grounds Coffee was born. Since the goal was to make coffee to die for – choosing a hearse as our company car seemed like the right choice. It’s become the perfect ambassador on our travels, a great mobile coffee cart that can grind & brew coffee at 55mph, and people tend to get out of its way.”


Deadly Grounds Coffee roast is made from 100% Arabica beans, and the company have began offering more blends, single origin and organic coffees. The various coffees come with spooky themed names and appropriate artwork, and are often sold from coffin and tombstone adorned stalls at festivals, conventions and markets.

Founder Tom expressed the cultural significance of coffee, “Any coffee break with a close friend or co-worker is an opportunity to catch up on life, share some laughs, or work out life’s problems. Everyone has at least one good coffee buddy. Whether it’s with the mornings first brew, a quick mid-day drive thru run, or after dinner shared with someone special – it’s amazing all that could get worked out over a steaming cup o’ Joe. Since coffee time is such an enjoyable break in the midst of our hectic day it soon became a quest to find the “perfect cup”. While there’s never a shortage of coffee places, not all java brings the magic. Rare is the coffee experience that’s truly to die for.”




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