Cockneys vs Zombies Screenwriter Adapts Dracula for Web

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Writer/Director James Moran and Producer Elisar Cabrera have announced today the completion of principal photography on season one of new web series, Mina Murray’s Journal, an adaptation of Dracula, Bram Stoker’s classic novel which defined the vampire genre. The spine-tingling tale is ready to scare a whole new generation, but this time, it’s told through vlogs, with multiplatform strands and in-character, interactive social media accounts filling out the story as it unfolds. While it has some scary moments, there’ll be plenty of self-referential laughs along the way. These characters live in today’s connected world, and are fully aware of fictional vampires, but now they’re going to come face to face with a real one.

In a departure from the novel, the story is driven by Mina, a young woman just discovering that real life, work, and bills are a lot scarier than she expected. But all that pales in comparison when she comes across an ancient evil, which will put her and everyone she loves in danger. Mina is 23, funny, warm, ambitious, but stuck in a boring job that doesn’t challenge her, and not particularly enjoying her current relationship either. Openly and proudly bisexual, she’s happy in her own skin, but has no idea that her housemate Lucy is secretly in love with her. Fiercely loyal, Mina would go through hell to help her friends and family ­ and she’s about to. Because she’s on a collision course with an ancient vampire: Count Dracula…

Moranic Productions have released the first teaser trailer for the series exclusively on the Mina Murray’s Journal YouTube channel

James Moran, creator, writer and director of Mina Murray’s Journal will already be familiar to many fans of the horror and fantasy genre through his writing on movies Severance, Cockneys vs Zombies and Tower Block, and his writing on internationally acclaimed TV shows such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, Eve and Spooks. His 2009 web series Girl Number 9 was the first British series to make it into the Streamy Awards with 5 nominations in 2010, the third highest nominated series that year.

Moran confirmed today “Season one will be online in September, with fifteen episodes including a live stream and a finale. And because this is a modernised, vlog adaptation, you may *think* you know the story, ­but we’ve got plenty of surprises along the way. This is the first British produced V-Lit (Vlog Literary) series, so I am immensely proud to be adapting such an iconic British novel.”

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Joining the creative team is Emmy and Streamy winning Transmedia Producer, Alexandra Edwards, who previously worked on the transmedia of the multi award-winning web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries as well as Welcome to Sanditon and Emma Approved.

Cabrera said: “I am extremely excited to be working with the super-talented Alexandra Edwards whose work I’ve admired so much on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved.  To be able to tell a story across multi-platforms and draw in a new audience to a classic story like Dracula through both YouTube and social media is a wonderful challenge.”

The series stars up and coming stand-up comedian Rosie Holt as Mina Murray, Kate Soulsby as Lucy West, Scottish YouTuber Liam Dryden as John Harker and Eddsworld series regular Matt Hargreaves as Jack Seward.

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