Would You Stay In This Scary Clown Motel?


In the middle of the Nevada desert, along Highway 95 between Las Vegas and Reno, there is a small town called Tonopah. As well as being home to the old Tonopah Cemetery, there’s a classified military test site that’s come to be known as Area 52. But possibly creepier than either of these landmarks is an unnerving little motel home to hundreds of clowns!

Five shelves of toy clowns stare at you from behind the front desk. There are clown pictures on the room doors, clown paintings over the beds, and a giant juggling clown rendered in pastel on a big sign by the highway.


Catering to bikers, truckers, and other long haul travelers that find themselves off the beaten path, the Clown Motel is the final port of call before the yet another stretch of unbroken Nevada desert.

Owner Bob Perchetti says people often ask him to remove the clown portraits from their rooms or cover them up with a sheet. One guest told him he woke up and saw a creepy life-size clown by the side of the bed. He tried to wipe the sleep from his eyes, thinking it was just an illusion but the clown was still there.

Would you spend a night in this bizarre motel?



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