Clinton Lofthouse: Horror Photography


An 80’s baby, raised on horror, movies and comic books. These are some of the many influences that shape my photography and me as a person. My first taste of creating images was as young boy, sketching up comics in my grandad’s drawing books. But instead of a pencil, i now use a camera to create Dark art, alternative, urban exploration and horror photography.

I am a self taught photographer and retoucher/digital artist from the UK. With no experience of any kind i picked up a camera and began to shoot, delete, shoot, delete…and learn. Slowly as my camera skills grew i purchased Photoshop and began to shoot, delete, shoot, edit…..and learn. Within my first year i was published in a magazine based in the U.S.A and featured on numerous horror/dark art websites.

I am now taking the passion, and skills I have learnt, and applying them in to the studio workplace and on location, whilst networking with a community of talented photographers, models and F.X makeup artists. I have many upcoming projects, which supersede the scale of my past endeavours and keep the future of Clinton Lofthouse Photography moving in an exciting and prosperous direction. []


We asked Clinton a few questions about his work.

When did you first pick up a camera?

I first picked up my camera just over two years ago. I had no prior knowledge, so I taught myself by trial and error, practicing every day. Once I got the hang of using my camera, I then began to teach myself Photoshop , which i have now been using for just over a year and half.

What attracted you to horror subjects?

I have been attracted to Horror subjects since i was a child. I drew my own horror comics, and wrote my own horror stories. The kick start to this macabre view on life was when I accidently watched ‘A nightmare on Elm street’, from behind my parents, friends sofa. I must have only been 5 or 6, but it changed my life forever!

What are your favourite horror movies?

I have too many to pick, but if we are talking horror movies that somehow influenced or impacted my life i would go with  ‘A Nightmare on Elm street’ for obvious reasons. Also added to the list would be Evil dead 1 and 2, the latter showed me how humour and horror go hand in hand perfectly. Finally i would say Halloween, a master class in suspense and tension.

Tell us about your zombie survival plan

 Well as i am a survivalist at heart, I would have been feverishly watching the news reports, stock piling foods and gathering any available munitions. Once the outbreak hit I would, by bribing people with food and shelter, get my townsfolk to build a giant wall round my hometown to keep the zombie hordes out. And as I live on one of the highest populated villages in England, the vantage point would be to our advantage. Once the wall was built, I would claim my rightful place as the ruler of this stronghold, by 1. killing off anyone who questioned my authority with the munitions i stockpiled and 2. building a giant throne from their bones and shaving my hair into a bad ass mad max style Mohawk!! Hail to the king baby!!

Check out some of Clinton’s work below.

You can find more of Clinton’s awesome photography at his official website and Facebook.