Classics of American Horror: What Is Worthy to Watch

Horror is a specific genre in cinematography, which includes a fairly wide range of films. The main purpose of such films is to create a certain “uncomfortable” sense of uncertainty in the audience and to induce fear. 

Every year an enormous number of horror films are released but very few of them reach the level of the classics. For today’s article, we want to tell you about the American Horror classic that turns your understanding of horror upside down.

“The Birds” (1963)

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

A thriller that began as a romantic comedy and ended as an apocalyptic drama. After the release of the low-budget experimental film “Psycho”, which was a colossal success, Hitchcock took a break, and then returned with a new masterpiece. The events in “The Birds” are set in a small American town. The film tells the horrific story of a bird attack, which is mixed up with the story of a young woman’s love affair with a man. There is no music in this movie, only dialogues, and terrifying sounds, among which the bird sounds are especially expressive, which make it especially creepy and scary. No wonder that Alfred Hitchcock got the title of Master of Suspense.Truly masterpiece.

“Repulsion” (1965)

Director: Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski’s first English-language film. A psychological thriller with elements of horror and drama. The main character – a young and beautiful manicurist named Carol, a role superbly played by the inimitable Catherine Deneuve. Carol is mentally unstable and even dangerous to others. The girl is left alone at home for a few days. Carol’s nightmares begin to materialize. She sees cracks in the walls, hands reaching out to grab her. The space around her begins to stretch and shrink. Moreover, these episodes are shot so masterfully that the viewer gets claustrophobia.

“Christine” (1983)

Director: John Carpenter

Christine is an angry ’58 Plymouth Fury who, for the most part, can’t stand the people around it. True, the machine kills people for a reason, but to replenish its stores of life force. This allows it to look as good as new all the time. Evil story based on Steven King’s novel who is also known as “king of horrors”. This movie teaches us to check the car to be “evil demons free” before we buy it or rent it on a third-party service like Renty, for example. A must-see!

“Chronos” (1994)

Director: Guillermo Del Toro

Guillermo Del Toro’s directorial debut is not just a horror film, but a deeply philosophical, psychological picture. 

The plot is based on the legend of an alchemist who invented a device that gives immortality. Old Jesús Grís, the owner of an antique store, discovered the figure of an angel and a strange box inside. It was “Chronos,” an amazing device invented by the brilliant alchemist Umberto Falconelli. “Chronos gives its owner eternal life. However, there is one condition: the device gives immortality only to the one who feeds it with his blood.

“Halloween” (1978)

Director: John Carpenter

The film can rightly be considered one of the main founders of the horror genre (more specifically – slashers). Later there were entire slasher series “Friday the 13th” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street. “Halloween” started one of the longest-running series about a homicidal maniac. The story is about a boy named Michael Myers who killed his sister on Halloween, All Saints’ Day. He was sent to a mental institution. He did not communicate with anyone for a long time. Fifteen years later, however, the homicidal maniac returns to his small town with one sole purpose: to get his revenge.