Educational graphic novels release illustrated horror titles

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Here’s an interesting idea, and something a bit different from the stories we usually cover on Popcorn Horror. Classical Comics are a company who produce graphic novel adaptations of classic literature. The line originally started with making Shakespeare more accessible to younger students, but has now released a range of classic novel adaptions including some iconic horror titles. The range includes Dracula, Frankenstein, Sweeney Todd, and The Canterville Ghost. The books cater to a range of age groups by offering a version containing the original text in comic book form, and a version with simplified language.

For example, the description of Dracula explains “Bram Stoker’s classic vampire tale is one of the greatest horror stories ever written. Its popularity grew through plays, further tales and later with movies, to the extent that the story and characters have become part of our culture. Now, using powerful, dynamic and dramatic artwork, we bring you an accessible adaptation of Stoker’s masterpiece. As with all our Classic titles the period is faithful to the author’s intentions”

You can check out examples of the artwork below. Let us know what you think of this idea!






The Canterville Ghost


Sweeny Todd