Church Themed Horror Movies You Should Watch

Horror movies certainly have a way of increasing you adrenaline and keeping you at the edge of your sits. And, unlike online casino like jokaroom horror themed slots, some of these are based on true life stories. We all believe that the church is our protection from evil.  If you don’t believe that, these horror movies will be giving you a true testimony of how it worked for others.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

This movie will definitely give you the chills. Get to see some of the worst cases of possession ever seen in world history. In the movie, a family gets charged for murder after their daughter dies from unexplainable, and what seem to be unreal causes. Therefore, in an effort to redeem themselves, they end up bringing out video footage and pictures of how a demon possessed their daughter. Efforts are made to help her but she later dies from the attacks.

The Conjuring

The conjuring is part of a horror movie franchise that is based on real life couple, ED and Lorraine Warren. The story tells of a rare occurrence that happened back in 1971 when a family moved into an old house and in the old house they liked playing best online baccarat. Just after, the daughter gets possessed and the family starts witnessing horrific occurrences that seemed to be caused by demonic spirits. While no one believes the family, the Warren’s are the only ones who make an effort to try and help them. This movie has a lot of sequels based on the Warren family and the different demonic spirits they had to fight during their years of serving the church.

The Nun

A priest and a novice sister are sent to investigate a rare case of suicide deaths surrounding a certain convent. While doing so they get to experience some of the most traumatising and horrific events of their lives. But, they will need to come up with a way to contain the evil spirit that is causing the suicides.

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