These Guys turn Christmas Decorations into Horror Ornaments

We’ve seen many examples of horror invading Christmas. Mutated baubles and creepy hangings are probably on a few horror fans wishlists. But how about taking something Christmassy and turning it on it’s head? While they’re more whimsically spooky than really terrifying, the appropriately named Lighthearted Halloween used many repurposed Christmas decorations to create a Halloween themed candyland scene. There’s even some Nightmare Before Christmas references in there to give both holidays coverage.

The people behind the project explain on their Facebook; “For the kids, Halloween is all about the candy, isn’t it?! That was my inspiration to create fun and festive Candyland. The trick-or-treaters walk down a path surrounded by larger-than-life candy, treats and colorful characters. Many of the decorations in this scene are Christmas blowmolds we have repurposed to use at Halloween.” Currently the company create yard displays, and are working on creating a full-size home haunt in the future.

Hilda from Lighthearted Halloween explained“I’ve been decorating with blowmolds for around ten years now. Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for, and there obviously are far more blowmolds that were made for Christmas than for Halloween. A few years back, I had quite a few old, beat-up, scratched-up Christmas molds and I thought I’d see if I could make something to add to my Halloween display. That started a three year repurposing adventure ~ I’ll start at the beginning, and just follow in somewhat a chronological fashion.” Check out the pictures from this display, and see if you can spot the recycled Christmas ornaments.



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