CryptTV Releases First Interactive Webseries Choose Their Kill

CTK_Episode_1.1_Miko Shhhhh

We recently announced our partnership with horror network CryptTV, a digital genre studio co-founded by HOSTEL and CABIN FEVER writer/director/producer Eli Roth, and Horror Block. One of the best things about CryptTV is their support of original independent horror content, including a unique new series Choose Their Kill. The interactive episodes form  a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style digital series created by filmmaker Aaron Mento (STANDARDS OF LIVING).

CHOOSE THEIR KILL is an interactive horror comedy inspired by 80’s Slasher movies and ‘old school’ video games. The seven episode series features three different killers – MIKO an angry mime; BRAD RADICAL a fitness nut, and SOCKETFACE a green energy advocate.

Viewers choose the method of murder for each killer – each choice resulting in an over-the-top kill scene for the deserving victim.  Feeling sympathetic?  Viewers can also choose to “spare” a life, of course, that never turns out the way one would expect.  Blood is always spilled in creative and hilarious ways.

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“When you watch and interact with CHOOSE THEIR KILL, it should feel like an all-night sugar rush sleepover filled with cartridge videogames and VHS Slasher movies,” said Mento of his goals for the series. “Eli Roth’s CryptTV and Horror Block embraced the concept with open arms, and I couldn’t be more honored to collaborate with these genre trailblazers.” Said Mento.

CHOOSE THEIR KILL is available to watch now on CryptTV’s YouTube Channel.