Chocolate Decadence: Assorted Spooky Stuff


Chocolate Decadence is a German artist who creates and sculpts a variety of spooky pieces. The above piece is a BJD modification. BJDs. or Ball-jointed dolls are generally inspired by anime, and have an active modification community.  Wigs and eyes are easy to remove and replace, as well as heads, hands, and feet. A doll may even be a hybrid of parts from different companies. Some BJD owners or customizers re-shape existing parts by sanding them or applying epoxy putty to them. The resin material is easier to paint than the softer and more slick vinyl often used for other types of dolls. In the case of the piece above, Chocolate Decadence modified the tiny 11cm doll by adding metal eyes and hand sculpting the horned mouths.


In this impressive cosplay, Chocolate Decadence re-created Bioshock’s Cohen. Check out the gallery for more pictures of this incredibly detailed piece.


The above piece was also created with a BJD, and re-create the Saw franchise. Chocolate Decadence describes it as a tribute to Jigsaw. The reverse bear trap is in a 1:3 scale, and the piece was sculpted with Apoxy, Craft Foam, Pearls, and wire. She describes the doll as a half elf, mixed up in the world of Saw.


Chocolate Decadence also makes a range of food miniatures in a 1:6 scale. While mini cakes and cookies aren’t traditionally scary, she has a few Halloween themed treats that we love. These are constructed with Fimo, Liquid Fimo and lace.

Find out more about Chocolate Decadence on DeviantART