These Child-like Bollards Are Scaring Local Residents

British news is fantastic. Of course we do cover current affairs and political stories – but we like to round off the news with a silly story to cheer us up afterwards.

One of these news stories came from Buckinghamshire this week, when the locals got into a panic over some ‘creepy’ roadside installations. Two bollards named Bill and Belinda have been placed in a problem traffic area, sculpted into a shape which is supposed to resemble a young child. The figures have been called ‘creepy’, and have caused a stir among the locals, probably because of their large, vacant eyes and alien colored skin.

Credit: Facebook/Iver Parish Council

Resident Connor McGinn said: “If I was a driver they would scare me into crashing, super creepy.”

To be fair to the local council, the statues were installed in order to fool drivers into thinking a child is in the road – thus slowing down and reducing the likelihood of a crash. But they are just a little…eerie. Anyone else reminded of Village of the Damned?

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