Check Out this Great 90 Second Horror Made for just 200 Euros


We have many fantastic horror projects end up in inbox’s, and I am constantly amazed by the high quality of films that are being made on very minimal budgets. This festive themed horror was sent to me recently, and I was seriously impressed. It might be a while until Christmas, but we can say ‘Merry Krampus’ on any day of the year – right? The mythical beast popped up a lot last festive season thanks to appearing in a horror movie as the titular character, and he’s back in this great indie short.

The short is titled SANTA and features two young children, awake on Christmas Eve who come face-to-face with the most terrifying Santa they can imagine. It’s stylish, atmospheric and extremely impressive – especially considering it’s budget of just 200 Euros. It was made by Dionysis & Manos Atzarakis and if you check out the Facebook, you can see how they managed to achieve the effects on a low budget.


With a running time of 90 seconds, the film meshes a whimsical Christmas mood with the imagery and tension of a slasher movie. It’s definitely worth 90 seconds of your time – check it out below.

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